What is the Best POS System for Restaurant Owners?

best pos system for restaurantIf you own a restaurant, then you know you wear all the hats. You must deal with everything from figuring out what is wrong with that broken oven to dealing with payroll issues. One major concern for restaurant owners is choosing the right point of sales (POS) system. This lets your diners pay for their meals and keeps you in business. Therefore, you might be searching for best pos system for restaurant owners online.

Once you conduct that POS system search, you’ll see there are many, many options to choose from. It probably seems like a daunting task trying to figure out what is the best POS system for your restaurant. MOXY POS is here to help!

First, our latest blog describes all the important components of a great POS system and things you might need for your restaurant to thrive. Secondly, we are standing by and ready to answer any questions or provide you with a free demo of our amazing system. Simply, call us at 336.814.9737 and we are there for you!

What Does the Best POS System for Restaurant Owners Include?

The components of your POS system are what makes it the best fit for your restaurant. Below is the breakdown of all the different components available with our systems.

Read on to learn a little more about some of the more vital components listed above and how it might help your restaurant.

Online Ordering

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that people love takeout and knows no limits in growth. Almost every restaurant is, or should, allow for takeout in today’s world. That said, you need to offer an easy way to allow people to order online. Most generations now are fully into digital and not a fan of making actual phone calls; therefore, again online ordering is a must.

Our POS system offers the following three benefits for online ordering:

  • Customizable Branded Mobile App
  • Website Ordering
  • Auto Menu Sync

With these options, you offer your customers an easy way to pick up your food and enjoy it in the comfort of their own home. Plus, with our POS system it is simple to handle on your end as well. It’s win, win!

QR Pay

Another pandemic-inspired trend and need is touchless menus. The best way for restaurants to offer a digital menu is with a scannable QR code. Our QR pay option takes it a step further, not only can they see the menu, but customers are able to pay for their selections.


Let your customers know you appreciate them – and keep them coming back – with a customer loyalty program. It is a great way to retain customers and ensure they are happy with your business. You want a loyalty system that is easy-to-use for you and your staff. Plus, you need one that is easy for customers to sign up for; otherwise, they won’t want to waste their time signing up. Not only does our system meet all those requirements, but we also help our clients create a loyalty program unique to them.


No one likes to do inventory, but it is a necessity for a business to survive. Fortunately, our top-of-the-line POS system has the following capabilities to make inventory easier:

  • Track purchasing patterns
  • Manage inventory levels
  • Provide low stock alerts
  • Track ingredients
  • Calculate savings
  • Reduce losses

Do not turn inventory into a complete headache of a task, let our POS system help you make inventory painless.

Customer-Facing Display

When customers check out, don’t miss an opportunity to further connect with them. A great POS system allows you to customize your customer-facing display for ultimate marketing opportunities. It provides a place for customers to see valuable information or complete necessary information, such as:

  • Real-time transaction information
  • Sign for a meal purchase
  • Register for your loyalty program


A waitlist is important to both the customer and restaurant owner. For a customer, a digital waitlist allows them to see what place they are in ‘line’ and provides updates on their table’s statuses. For restaurant owners, it allows them to seat more customers; therefore, increasing profitability. Not to mention, it’s easy for staff to track tables without the headache of old school paper methods.


A kiosk can be utilized in numerous ways. It is very beneficial to restaurant owners. A few ways to use a kiosk include:

  • Ordering food while waiting
  • Handling high volume crowds
  • Tracking seating and open tables
  • Signing up for loyalty programs

These are only a few ways a restaurant owner can utilize a kiosk and with our POS system it all directly ties in together.

Caller ID

While many things are going digital, the phone still is a primary method of communication for restaurants. It is a way for restaurants to receive reservations or orders, call vendors, and much more. Therefore, Caller ID is a must for a restaurant. It allows staff to see who is calling and, in turn, connect with customers calling in, avoid unwanted solicitation calls, and place better orders.


HR tasks, like inventory, often are the least desirable tasks to complete. However, they are necessary. One task that is especially important is creating schedules for your staff. It does not have to be a complete pain to do though. Our POS system actually has the capability to help you create and track schedules, making it a breeze!

What Else??

In addition to all these amazing components above, our POS system is capable of so much more. This includes everything from setting up a call center with an agent to a system to pay at the table.

Frequently Asked POS System Questions

Like any other technology, a POS system is complex. Therefore, you probably have many questions. We’ve prepared a short Q&A to help fill in some of the blanks. Still have more questions to ask? Don’t worry, we are here to answer those for you. Give us a call at 336.814.9737 to get those questions answered!

How much does a POS system cost?

Every single POS system price varies depending on a variety of factors. A few variables that impact the cost of a POS system include:

  • How many POS portals are needed?
  • What components are desired?
  • Are there multiple locations the POS system will be utilized?

What if my POS system crashes or has issues?

We have a stellar customer service team that is there for you no matter what the issue is. Our team is committed to ensure problems get fixed quickly and accurately.

Can I see how the POS system works before investing in it?

Yes! We offer free demos of our system and all its components. Simply, call us at 336.814.9737 to schedule your demo or visit our website to fill out or request a demo form.

See How our POS System Will Help Your Restaurant!

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