Improve Your Service with Accurate Data

Collect feedback from real customers in real-time. Data gathering and analytics make it possible to have accurate information about your customers’ needs and expectations. Use the power of feedback to grow your business!

Easy & Fast Flow
Rilla Feedback is an easy-to-use system for your customers! Customer surveys give you the feedback you need to improve your operations.

All-time Access to Up-to-date Feedback
Create quick customer survey questions just in seconds. Get real-time feedback and quickly test ideas for service, menu, or concepts.

Get Opinions From Potential Customers
Customer surveys are the best way to understand what potential customers think of your business and the motivation they need to be a regular customer.

Measure Your Brand Awareness

How can you improve what you don’t measure? By continuously collecting data from your customers, you can measure your brand performance and improve nearly every aspect of your restaurant business.

Improve Every Aspect of Your Business
Do you know what your third-party delivery, pickups, drive-thru, and in-store customers are feeling about your service? What features would they like to see in your products and service? Customer data can open a lot of doors for your business!

Apply New Technology to Your System
Learn the latest restaurant technologies that improve the customer experience journey from your customers! Apply them to your system and increase customer satisfaction.

Easy Set-Up & Use

Easily implement the Rilla Feedback and start making an impact on customer satisfaction!

Start with One Tablet and Gain Insights from Your Customers
At least one tablet is required to use the Rilla Feedback system. You can use the tablet as a stand-alone kiosk for your restaurant, or multiple tablets can be used for each table!

A Simple and Friendly User Interface Design
A simple interface designed to increase customer feedback! Rilla Feedback relieves the users of confusion and time searching for the right button to click.

The Quickest Way to Understand Your Customers’ Needs and Expectations

Collect direct feedback from your customers with Rilla Feedback! The easiest way to find out what your customers like, want and dislike.

Why Moxy Online Ordering?

With integrations for online ordering, loyalty programs, table-side ordering, and more, choosing the world’s greatest POS is an easy decision.

  • Cloud-based and updated monthly with powerful new tools and integrations.
  • Access it from anywhere, on any device, anytime, in any language and currency.
  • EMV-ready and PCI compliant payment processing for a complete solution.

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